April 20, 2021

Who is Chaminger? Learn how to become Xceptional and successful

So you are curious to learn more about who and what the fabled Chaminger is all about? You came to the perfect place! Watch or read the below video or transcript which explains our values, our why, who we are, and what we are doing. Learn the first steps necessary to go on the journey to #becomingXceptional and start your self-improvement!

Official Launch of our Podcast – Saturday, April 24th, 2021! This is the Chaminger Xperience and we can’t wait to see you at the starting line with us. It’s go time! Mark your calendars!

Watch the video here:


 Do you know who you really are? Does anyone? 

 Or are we all pretending to be what others think we need to be? 

 So, what is the key that unlocks the success, we so desperately seek?  Everyone has the one “secret”.  Or quick “hack”.  There’s no such thing. 

 We’re going to show you the difficult journey,  not tell you lies. 

Listen to our story. 

It may be the exact perspective you need to hear to begin a new journey once and for all. 

No more excuses. We are doing it. Together. 

I was there once, right there with you. Now it is your turn. 

But first. So, who’s Chaminger? 

 And here we go. It all began in the ancient ruins of Mexico City 123 years ago. 

Just kidding. 

But I am half Mexican. Born in Seattle.

 I’m a diplomat kid. My dad was the Mexican ambassador meaning. Moving was my middle name and losing friends was my game. 

I’m a person who values culture, traditions, family, and being well-traveled, because I’ve lived in six different countries growing up.  Can’t forget the dancing, the tacos, and my appreciation for tequila. Arriba! Or mezcal, with good conversation while relaxing on the beach. 

There’s more to this nomad, who loves traveling, than meets the eye. 

The story continues in the majestic Germany, 29 years ago.

I am also half German. And I love exploring and learning the unknown.  Having lived in so many unique countries, such as Germany, Ecuador, and Jamaica. Have given me perspective, humility, and love for karaoke. 

 I do enjoy a good Weiss beer, and of course, meeting new people. 

Can’t forget the coffee. A critical piece of who I am. A salesman at heart specialized in medical software businesses. The Germexican, who loves hosting parties with my co-host for everything the magnificent, Stephani. 

Hailing from upstate New York. You guys will be wowed by her uniqueness, intelligence, work ethic, kindness, humor, love for dogs, and courage to do whatever it takes. 

So, what are your hosts doing?  

 We are creating a podcast, the Chaminger brand.  Where we help people become xceptional by overcoming issues and learning self-awareness.

 We make I cant’s into I can do it. We show and teach people the journey to success and what that means for their story. 

Follow us to see how we make the impossible, possible. On our four weekly shows. Our 3 Cents: hot takes and stories. Social guest Wisdom. Real Talk: self-reflection. And live stream Q and A plus community stories. 

 This is for those who constantly moved. And never had a home. This is for those who had a social circle, who never understood them. Who never felt loved. Appreciated.  Those who felt lost, insecure or who lacked confidence because they were not happy with who they were. 

There is no cheat code or skip.  That is why we are documenting the journey. Showing the reality behind self-improvement. It is all about rewiring who you are. Essentially “brainwashing”.  Let out the poison and listen to positivity. Learn how to change your perspective. 

And your self narrative. Learn how to be honest and authentic. Learn how to break free from the shackles of judgment. Join the revolution. Learn how to be happy, free and realize your worth.  All are welcome on this journey. 

Watch and listen to our podcast and shows. Links in the description below. Or check out our website and socials to be a part of the journey. Make sure to like, share, and subscribe. This is Chaminger: Becoming Xceptional.