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Fabian Chagoya

Founder of chaminger

The Germexican Mastermind.

Stephani Furminger

Co-Founder of chaminger

The one and only, truly Unique New York.

This is Chaminger. Why are we doing this?


Our goal stems from personal reasons yet we are doing this for others. You know when you suffer through something you want to make sure that everyone else won't have to go through the same pain? We are two individuals helping others become who they always were meant to be - amazing!


We know what you must be thinking...that is easy to say, how are you going to accomplish that? There are millions of "life coaches" out there that have generic advice and expensive paid courses. You want us to believe that you are different?


Yes. Because we are. Everything you will hear from us are things we live and embody. This is work and wanting it, not a "quick secret". Changing your life and self-improvement is challenging, yet we have done it before, will do it again, and know one repeatable way to accomplish it that we want to pass on. We are here to simplify it for you in manageable chunks and make it seem achievable...because it is!


From the personal agonies and challenging situations experienced throughout our lives we have built a message that needs to be delivered; wisdom that needs to be heard. After a traumatic event - the COVID-19 pandemic, that forced change upon all of us means that emotions are intense, people are confused yet extremely frustrated and feeling misunderstood. Now is PRECISELY the best time to become a new and "improved" YOU.


This is it! Fresh start time. Re-brand yourself and use Chaminger as your rock or "justification" to fall back on as you strive toward getting that emotional clarity and personal growth you have been seeking. Listen and watch our live-talks, video shows, and podcasts to truly embark on the #becomingXceptional journey. Are you ready to be the you that can achieve anything? See you at the starting line. We are doing this with you!


Experience the world the way it was meant to be. Happy, and not shackled by insecurity = success. Be you. Be free. Be amazing. The Chaminger way.

So how are we different?


We are going to document our entire journey and prove that "it" - learning how to become xceptional and mastering the art of self-esteem & self-awareness - is not some fluke. This is real, and we will have evidence that this process works extremely well, which is the reason for us documenting!


Watch and listen to us grow our following, audience, engagement, brand loyalty, business acumen, products, and revenue down the road over time. We are starting from ZERO. No excuses. What will you accomplish in one year? We know our goals. Do you? We know we will eventually succeed.


Be a part of this journey as we do it yet again for ourselves. At the same time you will be able to witness the effectiveness of our message over and over again through other people's changes by listening to the recorded shows & watching the live sessions. You will become happier, more confident, successful, and overall "level-up" as a human being, so to say. You will have a leg up over others because you will understand how the world REALLY works - things school or "life" never conventionally teaches you. We will gladly provide that knowledge to you!


There have been a few key life changing moments or realizations in our life for example that got us to a point of difference and uniqueness:


1. Traveling the world and being exposed to so many situations and perspectives. At the same time, learning how to sell and social skills.

2. Moving away from comfort, learning how to re-brand yourself - the art of creating fresh starts.

3. Realizing time is the most valuable resource, thus allowing you to understand your worth, and controlling boundaries/people pleasing.

4. And the most important one - following the Chaminger Xperience. Applying all the positive mindset shifts, appreciating newfound perspectives, practicing honesty, and executing actionable self-reflection to no longer care what others think.


These are some of the reasons we are not your typical Life Coach. We have discovered how to feel free, how to embrace ourselves and love who we are: confident, honest, social, unique individuals, not afraid to be amazing...we do not have to change for others. Now let us assist you do the same!

What to expect?


Helping people, and changing lives for the better is the most important priority. That will not change. Yet we want more. You guys deserve more!


Once you decide to embark on the journey, you have two choices, but they should certainly overlap.


You can either put in the hard work and constantly listen to our podcast and message and attempt to apply the knowledge yourself, or choose to pay for the SOON TO BE RELEASED guided course, e-book, private consultation, and self-reflection process - the Chaminger Xclusive Xperience. Get 1 on 1 time with Fabian and discover your true value as we handle the challenging part of figuring out your self-improvement, awareness and esteem journey. Most people do not know where to begin or the proper process of figuring out who they are, which is where we can help.


Listening to the information is extremely valuable, but having someone walk you step by step through the process is a game changer. For example: I knew how to sell anything due to my previous challenging timeshare sales jobs experience and excellent charisma. Yet even with those advantages, I did not fully comprehend the Business to Business sales process my first time doing it even though my skills transferred perfectly. I needed mentorship and guidance. That is why Chaminger is here. Meet your new instructor to guide you along, it only can help. We will be your shoulder to lean on.


Stay tuned for more information very soon on the development of the course, e-book, and consultation plan. In the mean time, please donate to show us your support if our message has helped you! We will show our appreciation by inviting you to our private community to chat in, shout on in our weekly newsletter and on the live-stream! Also look forward to a few mysterious yet exciting product launches down the road. What could they be? 

Hello everybody! How are we today? I am a half-mexican and half-german diplomat kid. What does that mean? I lived in 6 different countries growing up due to my dad's job giving me perspective, humility and knowledge far beyond my years.


While there were many positives to traveling the world, not being able to establish myself in society, not having a "place" to call "home" and not being able to form long term relationships while always struggling to "fit in" caused some serious wounds. Many of these things led me to being misunderstood, become extremely social yet insecure, and have a desperate need for validation, friends and being liked. These are some of the personal reasons motivating me to create Chaminger - to help people overcome their issues and self-improve.


On the lighter side: I love dogs, drinking coffee, sharing a good cocktail with family and friends; traveling the world - especially tropical paradises, playing story driven video games, watching horror movies, following soccer - go FC Bayern Munich, and hosting gatherings to bring people together! My expertise is sales having worked in the timeshare, restaurant and medical software industries thus giving me exceptional social skills and public speaking abilities! Personal goals of mine are to make it into the speaking industry and to travel the world!


Thanks for checking out Chaminger and I hope our wisdom and stories resonate with you!

Hey amigos! Thank you for your interest in Chaminger.


Don't know where to start? Feeling lost? Our expertise is in making the complex, simple. That is why we have created a guide that will allow you to quickly xperience who we are in an easily followable order that will get you familiar with how we run things in this part of town. 


QUICK START: Follow this this simple GUIDE to begin your Chaminger journey. We hope you love & benefit from it as much as we did making it. 


#1: Watch the video "this is Chaminger" to understand who we are, what we do and what to expect from our podcast & shows! WATCH HERE.


#2: Read our About Us page to understand our why behind the journey, what makes us different and our future growth plans. Get invested HERE!


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Finally: We are proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself! You have now started the process of embarking on the journey to #BecomingXceptional. You took the first small step to success, happiness and changing your life. Please support us as we expand and grow to help even more people! Donate HERE and get a special shoutout, acknowledgment and invite to our private discord - audio/chat community.


Welcome to the Chaminger Xperience! You are now officially one of us, part of the community. 


Now what are you waiting for? Go tell your friends and family. We can't wait to meet and grow with all of you!



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Learn what the Chaminger journey to #BecomingXceptional is really all about.

Click on the titles to discover what to expect when you watch or listen to our shows. Check out our in-depth summaries and amazing reasons to experience our offerings.

We hope you enjoy our work and we are excited to have you be part of the community! 

My 3 Cents is a weekly show that teaches others through the power of true stories how to become ‘Xceptional’ - meaning: a confident, happy, authentic, and self-aware person.

That is no easy task, yet we are confident we can achieve that for all of you because you will resonate with the stories being told. Ever experience that feeling "Oh...that makes so much sense now!", when reading a book or watching a tutorial, or even listening to an instructor that just completely changes the game or blows your mind? 

Listen to My 3 Cents every Monday and we will blow your mind...you will get that feeling of "makes sense". We will open your eyes to new perspectives, or realizing you are allowed to think differently, and to learn to feel confident to be who you really are.

This show will be an opportunity for you to understand that the world operates on knowledge. Those who know the most always win, because it grants access, and what better way is there than to learn from stories? So what are you waiting for?

Join us every Monday as we learn the nuances of success; mastering perspective, mindset, social skills, finding your passion and breaking free from the shackles of judgement. You are not going through this journey alone and it is time to realize your amazing value!

We believe in stories. They make us feel, believe, and relate to other people's experiences. Yet, they also inspire and create meaningful memories we can share down the road. This is why one of our mottos is #DoItfortheStory. Are you ready to create your own 3 cents? 

So many times we say no or no we can't to ourselves...or we say no for others before even asking or trying! No more! Next time you feel a moment of doubt or fear, remember that this could be an excellent story to share and we will demonstrate this on My 3 Cents!

Tune in every Monday to hear our perspective, opinion, stories...our 3 cents on matters.

#doitforthestory #stayamazing #ChamingerXperience #BecomingXceptional #my3cents


Real talk is a weekly show all about the journey of self-improvement & getting to know oneself. There is so much that goes into self-awareness & self-esteem. It is a process, and it is teachable. Loving yourself and knowing who you really are deep down elevates you to a point where you are playing an entirely different game than most people.

What are you waiting for? Join us every Tuesday to begin changing your life.

Look forward to our discussions regarding the harsh truths related to becoming successful and what that means for you. There is no coddling here. Listen and watch weekly as you slowly become an expert on authenticity while finally understanding the REAL impact of your past you were not even aware of.

Tune in to discover the process of overcoming your own insecurities, one of the main things holding most people back. We take pride in our brutal honesty, and vulnerability while sharing our unfiltered opinion on current events as well. Ready to see the world for how it really works and finally face the demons inside you?

Real talk...no more excuses! It is has been long overdue, so let's do this journey together!

#realtalk #self-awareness #self-esteem #ChamingerXperience #vulnerability #authenticity #diplomatkids #BecomingXceptional #insecurity


A major part of becoming xceptional is perfecting the art of always be improving.

How do you know what to work on? By being exposed to what is actually possible.

How do we increase our exposure? By getting out there. Interacting with others. Reading. Watching videos. Taking courses. It is time consuming and difficult.

That's where we come in. We made it easy for you. We have gathered the best information, knowledge and possibilities out there that you can learn from.

What are you waiting for? Listen to Social Wisdom every Wednesday!

A goldmine of untapped knowledge and experience is learning from others - social wisdom. Learn to be a sponge; save yourself from countless painful lessons and years of figuring "life" out the hard way by instead absorbing it firsthand from others.

This is the best way to grow. Learn to learn from others and #ABI - always be improving!

Partake in this never-ending adventure for more knowledge with us. Join us every Wednesday to hear from Prolific Guests as we explore their key advice, habits, actions and incidents that led them to success, happiness and satisfaction.

#ABI #beasponge #BecomingXceptional #ChamingerXperience #socialwisdom


Have you ever wished to know what it really took for a celebrity, actor, CEO, or successful friend to accomplish their dream? Did they get lucky? If not, what was their big break and how did they get there? We are here to show what others want to hide.

The Daily Chaminger Check-In is our daily vlog where you can hear about all the personal and professional updates that happened earlier that day and see for yourself what the journey looks like to build a brand, business and undergo self-improvement. 

Get the Behind-the-scenes look at what has happened since starting the Chaminger brand & business. See the exciting moments, frustrations, failures, successes, ideas and the REALITY of working on your brand and business and what it takes to create a legacy.

We are using this as our "proof" or "evidence" that our message works. Don't just tell people, right? Show them and silence the doubters.

We are documenting our journey so people can see that if you practice what we preach and put in the time, you too will achieve success & change your life.


Enjoy our funny and "embarrassing" moments. Believe us...there are lots of them.

We preach authenticity so we want you to see what actually goes on behind-the-scenes that did not make the final cut.

The goal is to make you smile, brighten your day with laughter and show you that we are human too. Everyone makes mistakes, and being vulnerable, and real is more important than worrying what people think about you.

Don't let your fear of judgment hold your back from being you and showing the world the real, quirky you. Enjoy our blooper xperience and become as insane, yet as amazing as we are. Join in on the fun and realize our uniqueness should be celebrated! This is proof!


Coffee with Fabian is a live Q&A conversational show with the community.

Being half-german, coffee time at 2 PM is a key part of European culture as a time to unwind and socialize. Join us every Thursday to hear our perspective to your most pressing questions chosen from the comments, emails and chat. Additionally, get the opportunity to be a special guest and interact live with the Chaminger Host.

Look forward to discussions about coffee itself, recommendations, and using it as a tool to get to know people - for some reason we need an activity to justify chatting!

More importantly, this will be a rare opportunity to get to know us on a more personal level because we will be sharing and discussing interests, passions and travel stories.

The discussion will be mainly guided by the viewers, but do expect the focus to be on mastering self-reflection, business guidance, controlling mindset shifts, discovering the how-to behind authenticity, figuring out who you are & becoming aware of how to not care about other's opinion. Learn the techniques behind proper journaling, writing positive self affirmations to change your self-narrative and realizing your worth and value.  

Finally, join us as we discuss the REAL experiences of this journey thus far & do deeper dives related to the episodes/themes of our recently released episodes.

#coffeetime #selfreflection #positivemindset #clubhouse #ABI #BecomingXceptional #ChamingerXperience


Happy Hour with Fabian. #NOFILTER EDITION for those looking to have vulnerable, honest, yet REAL conversations about self-improvement, and squishing insecurities.

Tune in to hear a weekly special discussion regarding developing Social Skills - how to learn to talk to or get to know anyone. Build your charisma, story telling prowess (your own & re-telling other people's) and confidence tips such as learning to love yourself.

Enjoy an open dialogue throughout the stream as well as the opportunity to be chosen as a live guest to share your piece as long as the drinks still be flowing.

There will be alcohol discussion, recommendations and tastings. Tequilas, wine, cocktails & whiskey on the rocks! We will discuss drinking in moderation since it can be a great way to socialize (or get people to open up to you who usually do not), gain confidence and have more of a "don't give an F" attitude needed to begin taking steps to overcome insecurity.

Finally, listen to the sales advice segment where I share war stories from my past as a #1 rep in the ruthless timeshare, restaurant and medical software industries. Learn different ways to sell (not cold calling), best ways to relationship build, and how to get people to trust/like you. Master reading people & the power of "simulation" - if I say/do X then Y?

#happyhour #nofilter #honesty #sales #selfimprovement #clubhouse #socialskills #BecomingXceptional #ChamingerXperience




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