April 20, 2021

Real Talk Trailer released!

Hello everybody! How are we today?! Here at Chaminger we have another exciting announcement. We have just released our trailer for a very special series of our podcast show: Chaminger: Becoming Xceptional – Real Talk. We have the audio, video and written version available for your consumption pleasure. What can you expect?

Real talk is all about the journey of self-improvement & getting to know oneself in which we discuss the harsh truths related to becoming successful. Become an expert on you while understanding the impact of your past you were not even aware of; and discover the process of overcoming your own insecurities. Be you; be free; #stayamazing. Join us in the journey of self-reflection, we will be doing it with you!

Official Launch for our podcast: Saturday, April 24th, 2021! Save the date. This is one journey you can’t miss!


Real Talk Trailer
Real Talk Trailer


Fabian: Hey, what’s up everybody. My name is Fabian Chagoya.

Alejandro: And this is Alejandro Chagoya  

Fabian: And this is Real Talk, a show all about the journey of self-improvement and discovering yourself and the harsh truths associated with that and finding success.

We are so focused on the image and we’re so focused on how we want to portray ourselves that there is this lack of authenticity. Because of that, there’s this fear of being honest, of telling people what they need to hear.

Alejandro: You make this  false image of what you think people expect you to be, as opposed to being true to yourself is, uh, doing oneself really a great disservice.

Fabian: Don’t conform into who you think you need to be, rather embrace who you really are and get to know yourself.

There’s so much more to you, there’s so much more to me, there’s so much more to every single person, but so many people are afraid to show that, afraid to be who they really are.  One of the biggest things to becoming successful, becoming happier,  and having just a lot easier life, more confidence is just embracing those things that make you who you are.

I’m just really confident in myself, I know who I am and I’m happy and I wanted to pass that along to everyone else.

Do you feel that people were born thinking that they’re not worthy or good enough? Cause I would argue that we were not born thinking that we’re not good at X, Y, or Z

Alejandro: There’s just so many things. So many factors that come into play. That you really wouldn’t think about, but all these things influence how we think, how we perceive ourselves, how we perceive others and how we perceive so many things in our lives.

Fabian: It’s important to not only reminisce about the past and self-reflect and kind of try to analyze it.  Identify it, analyze it, but then view it in a positive light. Remember the good things that came from it.

It’s a work in progress, always. 

Even in the dark times, in the negatives that there could be a change of path.  This happened, it sucked, but it opened a new road for you. And that, that is powerful. 

 It is time to continue slowly becoming an expert on you.