Social Wisdom Episode #1: Taylor Yu

Social Wisdom
Social Wisdom
Social Wisdom Episode #1: Taylor Yu

Listen to: Social Wisdom Episode #1: Taylor Yu today!

You can always learn something from almost anyone- no matter their social status, job, background, or age; everyone has valuable insight to share. Our guest, Taylor Yu, may be young and he is just starting his journey in the work force, but despite his age, he has a message that so many can learn from and it may be just the message you are needing to hear today. Listen to his advice on broadening your horizons.

Social Wisdom isn’t just about how successful you are professionally, it’s about your personal wins, how you got there and the lessons learned. We explore our guests’ key advice, habits, actions and incidents that have led them to success, happiness and satisfaction. Be a sponge and take this opportunity to learn from others.

We are always looking for guests. If you are interested in sharing your wisdom, please email us:

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