My 3 Cents Episode #6: Power of Perspective Part 2

My 3 Cents
My 3 Cents
My 3 Cents Episode #6: Power of Perspective Part 2

Listen and watch My 3 Cents Episode #6: Power of Perspective Part 2 today!

In this episode we continue our discussion on the power of perspective and how to use it to take back control of your emotions when responding to any unfavorable situation. You are in fact way better than you think. That is why we share our opinion on why journaling or writing a positive affirmation notebook is critical to start altering your self-narrative. You quickly realize most people do not know themseves, specifically what their strengths and weaknesses are. They lack perspective and falsely attribute more value than deserved to certain skills. Learn how to start becoming self-aware so you can put yourself in situations to succeed. After this episode you will start to view weaknesses as no longer a “problem”, but rather a guide. Finally, hear the story about how Fabian lost the largest and potentially most life changing business deal of his career and took it positively.

This episode is a 2 part series, be sure to check out part 1 of this talk for context.

New episodes every Monday. Listen to our story. You don’t want to miss this journey. We believe in the power of stories and sharing them because people can relate. It is time for you to continue your journey with us!

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