My 3 Cents Episode #5: Power of Perspective Part 1

My 3 Cents
My 3 Cents
My 3 Cents Episode #5: Power of Perspective Part 1

Listen and watch My 3 Cents Episode #5: Power of Perspective Part 1 today!

In this episode we discuss the first of 5 major keys to Becoming Xceptional. Mastering the power of perspective. In today’s world the word perspective has been marginalized therefore losing most of its meaning and value. This is the root of many problems our society faces today because it is a defining skillset that allows you to take a step back. This means you can start changing your opinion of yourself, thus rewriting your self-narrative which is usually wrong or too harsh. Additionally, it gives you the ability to be aware that whenever anything happens; good or bad; doubt inducing or making you feel amazing; learn how to change how you view something to be able to see it through the lens of a 3rd party or outsider perspective. This is the key to begin the process of altering your self-talk and negative self-limiting thoughts that you currently have about yourself. Listen to this episode of My 3 Cents to begin mastering perspective and unleash its full power!

This episode is a 2 part series, be sure to check out part 2 of this talk, released next week for the full xperience!

New episodes every Monday. Listen to our story. You don’t want to miss this journey. We believe in the power of stories and sharing them because people can relate. It is time for you to continue your journey with us!

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