My 3 Cents Episode #4: #ABI Part 2

My 3 Cents
My 3 Cents
My 3 Cents Episode #4: #ABI Part 2

Listen and watch My 3 Cents Episode #4: #ABI Part 2!

Have you ever felt like you are stuck? In this episode we conclude our discussion about one of the keys to success – the concept of constantly be learning. Too many people get complacent with where they’re at and feel as though they can’t or don’t need to change. Why would you willingly continue to be a victim of your circumstances? Instead gain new perspectives by moving out of your hometown, become friends with people that cheer you on, or find a job that appreciates your hard work. Leave the excuses and justifications behind and join your hosts in a discussion about one of the keys to Becoming Xceptional, the concept of #ABI – always be improving.

This episode is a 2 part series, be sure to check out part 1 of this talk for the full xperience!

New episodes every Monday. Listen to our story. You don’t want to miss this journey. We believe in the power of stories and sharing them because people can relate. It is time for you to continue your journey with us!

Watch My 3 Cents Episode #4: #ABI Part 2

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