My 3 Cents Episode #2: Keeping the Mystery Alive

My 3 Cents
My 3 Cents
My 3 Cents Episode #2: Keeping the Mystery Alive

Listen and watch the second episode of My 3 Cents: keeping the mystery alive! This episode we cover that oversharing could lead to the need for external validation. Taking a step back and thinking about whether you are doing it for yourself or for the feedback from others can help you gauge where you’re at. There is beauty in sharing, but your happiness and your self-worth should not be tied to what others will think.

Hear our personal stories regarding keeping people in the dark and only sharing what people need to know as a powerful tool to bring intrigue, success, and less insecurity into your life.

New episodes every Monday. Listen to our story. You don’t want to miss this journey. We believe in the power of stories and sharing them because people can relate. It is time for you to begin your journey with us!

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