My 3 Cents Episode #1: The Why

My 3 Cents
My 3 Cents
My 3 Cents Episode #1: The Why

Listen to My 3 Cents episode #1: The why. Learn about the reason and story behind the Chaminger podcast in the first episode of our series my 3 cents! We will be discussing how it became so much more than just a side project and the events that led to this journey. Additionally listen to our insights, opinions and stories on how we started changing our lives. In this episode of My 3 Cents, you will hear about the journey to finding your passion, the importance of self-improvement and the benefits of self-reflection: the three keys to Becoming Xceptional. We believe in stories and how powerful they are since they let others resonate and relate with us.

This is our why…let us help you start figuring out yours!

New episodes every Monday. Listen to our story. You don’t want to miss this journey.

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