April 19, 2021

My 3 Cents Trailer released!

Hello everybody! How are we today? We are extremely excited to announce the release of our trailer for our podcast show: Chaminger: Becoming Xceptional – My 3 Cents. We have the audio, video and written version available for your consumption pleasure. What can you expect?

My 3 Cents is a series that teaches others through the power of true stories how to become ‘Xceptional’ – meaning: a confident, happy, authentic, and self-aware person. Learn the nuances of success; mastering the art of perspective, mindset, social skills, finding your passion and breaking free from the shackles of judgement. You are not going through this journey alone and finally realize your amazing value! Live the Chaminger Xperience!

Official Launch for our podcast: Saturday, April 24th, 2021! Save the date. This is one journey you can’t miss!


My 3 Cents Trailer
My 3 Cents Trailer


Fabian: Hello everybody. How are we today? My name is Fabian Chagoya.

Stephani: And my name is Stephani Furminger and you are listening to Chaminger: Becoming Xceptional.

Fabian: And this is My 3 Cents.

I love traveling and I love talking to people, that’s what that job was; it was selling, slash marketing about the idea of travel. And it was just talking to people, sharing my beliefs, sharing my passion; just getting people to be aware that there’s a lot larger world out there. Being cultured, having more perspective.

Technology and these tools have kind of infiltrated our lives, in a way I would say. To the point where nothing is really hidden anymore.

How many people were watching my stories, who’s watching it, like all these stuff. I’m like, why does that matter? I mean, am I not doing it for myself?

Stephani: It just almost becomes, like, you’re not living in the current moment. 

Fabian: And once you start looking for the validations of others, you start going down a very dangerous slippery slope, because now your happiness is controlled by them. Rather than, Oh, Hey, I’m satisfied with who I am.

As a part of this journey to Becoming Xceptional, obviously we’re trying to show people, not just talk about it, but also show people, cause we’re living it. There’s this day-to-day aspect of you got to put in the work, but you always gotta be trying to strive to be better. 

Stephani: A lot of people just get complacent and they feel comfortable on that plane, so they just stay there. Don’t just keep doing the same thing every single day, just because you are comfortable with that.

Fabian: Why do we need to be the same person that we were five years ago, four years ago, three years ago, whatever it is. Why can’t we change constantly?

Stephani: There’s a lot more comin and we’re coming in hot.