April 24, 2021

Chaminger Daily Vlog #Special Launch Day Episode release today!

This is a special episode of our vlog series the Daily Chaminger Check-in talking about our podcast release and how we felt right before the big day. This was recorded during our promotion week – 2 days prior to the Chaminger launch day and is a time-skip ahead to a current day update since it is so personal and relevant.

Official Launch for our podcast is Saturday, April 24th 2021 at 4 PM MST! Check out our livestream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or Instagram live. Tune in to your favorite podcast directory to listen!

What to expect from our Chaminger Launch Day Vlog?

The hardest part of #BecomingXceptional is right before you truly “start”. The minute before go time.

Right before launching and revealing our work, everyone can have self-doubt. This episode discussing the harsh realities of that, overcoming that hesitance and “insecurity” regarding starting something new or from zero. Learn about the questions one should ask themselves to overcome doubt and haters. Follow these steps to start a new project, business or gain the courage to speak up by overcoming doubt.

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Chaminger Launch Day Transcript:

Fabian: Hola mi Chamingeritos! That’s a very special way of showing affection in Mexico. You add ITO to everything. I appreciate you guys for watching all of these daily CCS and for tuning in, and today marks a three part series, which is very, very dear to my heart. I feel like that’s a reoccurring thing right now with the daily CC, but it’s the edition – discussing our promotion week and two days to launch that, right there is insane to think about. There’s been so much

ups and downs, discoveries, hardships, successes, small wins, big wins. At the end of the day, it’s happening. We’re so close, so excited for you guys to see the full episodes. Hear everything we have to say, and just more and more people experiencing our journey.

There is one thing that I really want to talk about this episode and it’s hardship. Doubt, haters, hesitation. Right before we started this promotion week, there was this moment of weakness. I want to call it. Many would say that the hardest part before anything is right before you do it.

 After this journey, I’m going to a hundred percent agree. Looking back into my life, like big interviews, right before I moved, or right before you’re taking the big exam, like the SAT or whatever it is. There’s this insane amount of stress and frustration. It’s almost like the most difficult part.

And when you’re actually taking the exam or doing the action or taking the risky move, it’s not that bad, but the moment right before it. Unless you’re very well-trained and know how to calm yourself and breathing exercise and meditation. It’s insane. That kind of happened here, which is crazy to think about, because the whole point of Chaminger and the journey and things that we preach about is to avoid that exact thing.

 It’s to have confidence in yourself. Have self-esteem, self-awareness, don’t care what people think, but. Right before you do something, you’ll always start asking yourself some questions. Like, am I doing the right thing? Is this going to pay off? The sad reality is that monetization and money and supporting a lifestyle is a very relevant topic.

It’s something that we have to think about at all times. Will the message resonate? Will we have enough of a difference for us to stand out? Is the quality high enough? The answer is yes to all those, but in the moments before you start “officially” there’s times where you don’t think it’s the case.

I think it’s very important that people listen, how we overcame that. And it really just comes down to a reality check. 

Number one, you have to ask yourself, well, why are you doing this? Why are we doing this? For me? I know that. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I experienced growing up; recently; in the last 10 years. If I would feel and think the way I am today throughout my entire life, it wouldn’t even be fair.

It would be playing life on easy mode and that’s just crazy to think. And I know how impactful it has been to me. So I want to give that to other people. Because at the end of the day,  most people say don’t give away your best secrets. I still have a lot, you know, hidden in my pockets, but I really just want people to flourish and thrive and be grateful.

There’s no downside to that. Number two is really just thinking back to your  personal motivation.  It’s very related to the why. For me, part of it is obviously having a chip on my shoulder, proving myself. A big part of it is not wanting to work under someone else, not having to be a slave to anyone, you know, being free.

Like that’s one of the themes of Chaminger: be you be free, stay amazing. Don’t be shackled by anything specially not judgment, but it was something that’s really important for me. And I know that, yes, right now it’s hard.  It’s scary, especially going from high paying jobs to building something from zero.  This is long-term.

This is setting ourselves up for success for the rest of our lives rather than short term. And that’s something that is extremely powerful. Number three is really talking about our, what. What do we stand for. How can I show up every single day on our videos, on our live stream, on our podcast and preach these things and then not live them or embody them.

That was something that was really important for me. Right before we, launched, made it public and started promoting it is. I have to live the values and listening to the episodes that we’ve recorded and the clips and all that stuff motivated me. Like it inspired me and it satisfied me. I was proud of what we’ve Stephani and I have accomplished and done.

And that’s something that’s really special. 

Really the last few things it’s, you have to always remind yourself one. Be patient. You’re starting from zero, but if you’re good at what you do, which we are, you know what you’re doing, which we do. And you put in the work, which we are, you’re going to succeed.

It just takes some time, but that is always a hard pill to swallow because you just want to jump all the way to the finish line, but enjoy the process, you know, enjoy, enjoy the race.  Finally. How to overcome that doubt and that hesitation, that a moment of weakness, it’s just remembering that this is something that we chose to do because we’re passionate about it.

It might not be always super personal, but it also can be just, Hey, this is an opportunity for growth to learn. And that’s invaluable.

Some other things that we did, but especially me was, you know, when self doubt creeps in. What can you do? Remember how far you’ve come? I think that’s something that is an action, a behavior, that’s not done enough. Kind of having these check-ins. I think that’s why people should journal more, but in general, being able to watch the daily CC, and I will talk about that more in another episode, but it’s insane to see just how much has changed, how much has been learned and mastered in just a short amount of time and remembering how far you’ve come, that what you’ve accomplished thus far, that is powerful. 

Two, it’s just actually seeing results. So what I mean by that is we are just going public now. We’re just promoting, we’re just getting ready to officially launch.

And now all our social medias, are getting follows and subscribers and all that stuff, but it’s looking at what we’ve created, what you’ve actually done and what we’ve learned. That is insane to me, just looking back and seeing these episodes and being able to listen to them like. That was us, even just looking around this office and seeing everything set up that was us.

I want to end this episode, which is very special to me because it’s kind of been the theme of my life, always being underestimated, which is awesome by the way, because, I don’t need to brag. I don’t want to brag. I’m the silent killer that goes for the throat when you are least expecting it.  It’s really just overcoming the haters.

I always just say, and I believe this fully, but this is the message to all of you. And you know who you are. If this resonates with you take step back. Why do you hate people who try things? Don’t judge. I feel sorry for, you know, you guys and people who spend time telling people that they can’t, at least we’re doing something, at least we’re trying.

You’re just in your status quo, doing the exact same thing every single day. If it’s, you’re not hating me, you’re hating on someone else. And the question is why? People are trying things. Why are you trying to limit other people? At the end of the day, if you don’t want to boost someone or support them, just don’t say anything.

That’s the key. And obviously it’s going to be a major topic throughout the podcast and the series; surrounding yourself with people who support you and encourage you and believe in you is a game changer. Find people who tell you that you can, not, that you can’t. 

At the end of the day, the summary of this episode and of this moment of weakness and everything comes back to again, I always have had a chip on my shoulder, just being the weirdo in every new place that I lived.

But that’s motivating. It’s so satisfying. Proving people wrong and showing them. Hey, maybe you should have paid more attention. Maybe you should have asked some questions. Maybe you should have listened to me because at the end of the day, other people are going to love us. Other people are going to benefit from us. And most importantly, we’re doing it for ourselves. As long as that’s the case, you’re always going to be happy and successful. 

Let me know guys, this was a heavy episode, but it was a very important one, right before the launch. Have you ever felt like you have been limited or discouraged to do things or hated upon for doing things that you knew were best for you, but people didn’t want to give a chance or try to understand or ask you and they’re projecting their own insecurities on you.

If so. What were those? If you mind sharing, this is a safe place, regardless guys. Appreciate you. And check out part two. Next!